Coronavirus(COVID-19) Re-opening Schedule

3 June 2020 Extension on current social distancing restriction

Due to the special announcement by HKSAR government and as advised by the Home Affairs Department, the current restrictions regarding social distancing and public gathering policies will continue to be implemented at all the premises of the Clubhouse until further notice.


6 May 2020 Latest update of reopening schedule for club facilities

Message from GM

Dos & Don'ts

Re-opening Schedule






Latest information and advice issued by the Centre for Health Protection on the novel coronavirus infection

Coronavirus Infection Status Update

Coronavirus Infection facts and information


30 April 2020 Re-opening Schedule
21 April 2020 Situation Update
5 April 2020 DOs & Don'ts Summary
3 April 2020 Latest Government Regulations To Fight COVID 19 Progression
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28 March 2020 Additional restrictions due to government regulations 
28 March 2020 Suspension of Middle Island sampan service
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24 March 2020 Club Sports & Recreation Facilities Closure
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7 Feb 2020 Operation hours for club facilities.
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