The Club has limited berthing and mooring facilities available for visitors and cannot guarantee a space; therefore prior enquiry on availability is essential and should be made through the marine office at marinecoord@abclubhk.com and addressed to the Marine Services Manager.
Boat Size Duration Charge
Up to 11M Per Months / Max 3 Months $2250
From 11M to 14M Per Months / Max 3 Months $2568
From 14M to 16M Per Months / Max 3 Months $2880
Temperary Berthing for Members Per Day $23.00 per Meter
Temperary Berthing for Non-Members Per Day $37.00 per Meter

During daylight hours on both Saturday's and Sunday's, no boats are to be parked for more than 30 minutes on the main clubhouse pontoon without prior approval of the Marine Services Manager. A fee of HK$200 per hour will be charged directly to the owners account for any
boat parked on the pontoon for more than 30 minutes. This rule shall not apply to boats actively being worked on or anticipating in or supporting Club events, however, such boats shall not remain on the pontoon for any longer than is necessary under these rules. Any boats wishing to use the pontoon overnight shall obtain prior approval from the Marine Services Manager.
Middle Island Pontoon Allocation for Special Events  
During major Regattas and social events some or all of the pontoon space at Middle Island shall be designated as reserved for competitors, sponsors or other visitors at the Sailing Committee's discretion. During this time members shall be requested to keep all designated pontoons free as required, apart from shortterm coming alongside for embarkation/disembarkation.
The General Committee may levy appropriate penalties for improper use of the pontoons.


Middle Island Pontoon - Typhoon Precaution Procedures