HKSAR 25th Anniversary Sailing Cup



Hong Kong Sailing Federation and the Three Sailing Clubs in Hong Kong

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the

Establishment of

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



Hong Kong is surrounded by water.


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”), the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (“HKSF”) announces the  first time ever sailing celebration event across multiple sea venues in Hong Kong – the HKSAR 25A Sailing Cup (“HKSAR 25ASC”).


With strong support by the 3 major sailing clubs in Hong Kong, namely the Aberdeen Boat Club (“ABC”); the Hebe Haven Yacht Club (“HHYC”); the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (“RHKYC”), and our sponser, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, the HKSAR 25ASC shall parade over multiple water territories where it can be witnessed by thousands of citizens across the city.  HKSF’s plan is also to gather sailors of multiple districts in further strengthening their national identity and the HKSAR 25A atmosphere.  Public may be invited to participate the HKSAR 25ASC shore activities and exhibitions at the 3 clubs’ sites. 




To further expand the festive atmosphere, the HKSAR 25ASC will run on, not just one day, but 3 days, namely 11th June, 19th June and 25th June, subject to government COVID-19 restrictions.  The event will be in the Victoria Harbour; the South side of Hong Kong Island; and Sai Kung area.  It is anticipated that no less than 120 sail boats and 600 people, all displaying HKSAR 25th Anniversary visuals, will participate this cheerful event, together with volunteers and thousands of spectators along the city shoreline. 

The HKSAR 25ASC is open to many classes of sailboats and sailors in Hong Kong.  To make it even more meaningful, each boat will represent a district in Hong Kong.  The desire is to make it an 18 District involvement.