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Leo Cheng 96020415

28 years old local, educated in the UK. I am new to sailing but very committed and willing to learn. Keen to join any class of vessels, for leisure or for competition. 

Hong Kong PVOL 2

HKSF Level 2 

RYA PowerBoat Level 2 (upcoming in June with ABC)

Available all weekends and public holidays with notice.

May 2021
Anton Saraykin  


Keen to join a competitive crew on any class on a regular basis. I am committed, disciplined and flexible with weekdays / weekends.

RYA Competent Crew; J/80 course at HHYC; RYA Powerboat Level 2; Pending PVOL2; HKSF Level 2 with 100+ logged hours on dinghy.

New to racing, but previously completed a few racing training sessions on Quest at ABC.

May 2021
Andrew Marks   6657 1262

Available all weekends and public holidays with notice.

I would like to offer myself as crew for any class of vessel. I grew up sailing toppers and lasers in Northwest England and then crewed on a few cruiser yachts sailing around the Solent area. 

I am currently studying for the RYA Yachmaster Offshore Theory certificate and expect to take this exam and the PVOL Grade 2 exam in May/June 2021. I am a father two young boys who have enjoyed the limited sailing I have done with them. We are looking to purchase a cruiser at some point in the future and I would like to gain experience of sailing a yacht in Hong Kong waters prior to doing this.

Mar 2021
Emilio Manzano 62729690

Keen to participate sailing and willing to help as crew member or deck hands.

My sailing experiences include:

- Level 1&2 certified at ABC adult sailing class

- Further Sailing 3 days course at RHKYC

- ~30 hours logged on Pico

- Upcoming 2 days course on Laser boats at ABC (March 2021)

- Under schedule to get the Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate Grade 2

Love to join as a crew member on any class.

Available all the weekend and weekday (with advance notice)

Feb 2021
Jim Seymour  

53 year old English sailor available to crew for cruising and deliveries on long passage through South China Sea, SE Asia, and Pacific or Indian Ocean to Red Sea. One to two months possible.

Learned to sail in the UK on a 420. Sailed the Solent, South of France, Corsica, Italy, Sicily, Ionian and Cyclades islands and North Aegean Sea to Turkey. Sailed for months on 29', 31', 42' and 60' sailboats. After being away from sailing due to family commitments, I am studying for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course. I am very keen to build up some recent logged miles.

Reliable, conscientious and clean, I can service and repair engines, sew sails by industrial sewing machine (or by hand!), and can splice and fit lines and rigging.
July 2020
Matan Levy


RYA Skipper, many years of windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving. Engineer, army service.

May 2020
Steve Bruce 9170 5575

English from London. Been here 20+ years so far. 4 years’ experience & have raced in many HKG club races pretty much every weekend during that time including Waglan Series, ABC Summer Series, HHYC Typhoon Series, COA Macau races and weekly Etchells harbour plus many more.

PVOL2 Holder

Safety at Sea Cert holder

PADI Emergency First responder

RHKYC Etchells fleet member

2 x Hong Kong to Philippines crossings

Mar 2020


David Rush whatsapp 9607 6545

Just relocated to Hong Kong from Brisbane Australia.  I have owned my own yacht in the past and hold a competent crew certificate.

Availability : Weekdays and Weekends

Apr 2019
Marcus Grierson


6999 4043

26 year old professional from New Zealand.

Experience: Helped on a friends cruiser, and have done a couple of dinghy courses previously.

Looking to train, learn and race.

Availability : Weekends and holidays.

Mar 2019
Seaman Lo whatapps 5128 8536

I have more than 20 years dinghy (including Laser, Otter, Enterprise, 420, 470, Dart 16 and RS500 etc…) sailing experiences and have been awarded Level 5 certificate from HKYA (i.e. the HKSF today). I also have Grade II Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate (Master & Engineer).

I only have 2 big boat sailing experiences.   The latest one was being a helmsman of the Red Kite in the Waglan Series 11 (Division B) held on 10 March 2019.  In that race, Red Kite was the winner.

I can be crew of any position in most of the week ends and public holidays.  Week days may also be possible for long range sailing.

Mar 2019
Duran Moy click HERE


+852 64816160

30 year old professional from New Zealand.

Experience in dinghy/cat classes (Phase II, Laser, Javelin, Hobie Cat) and keelboat/trailer classes (Farr 6000, Farr 1020).

Looking to train hard and race hard as crew – cockpit or bow.

Availability : Weekends and holidays.

Nov 2018
Connor Doyle click HERE 5513 1295

I'm 28 years old. I grew up sailing a Laser II and a Hobie Cat, then sailed FJs, 420s and Flying Scots for Miami University. I have also competed in a handful of J-boat and Catamaran regattas.
I'm very versatile with the crew positions on big boats; though, the majority of my experience, and my preference, is as a bowman.
I haven't had the pleasure of sailing in a regatta for over a year, so I'm feening to get back on a boat and race!
I live in HK; am available on weekends and open to taking off work for long regattas.

Oct 2018
Simon Edgar click HERE 6401 5295
  • NZer sailing and racing since aged 10
  • Own and race custom Bakewell-White sportsboat in Australia/NZ
  • Several seasons on SB3 and Cork 1720 in Europe, including European champs
  • 10,000+ offshore miles, including Fastnet, Subic Bay, RORC racing
  • Have owned and skippered 40+ ft cruisers for over 25 years (currently own a Beale 42 in NZ)
  • Comfortable in any role onboard
May 2018
Tim Glynn click HERE 9542 1715 I am from the US and moved to HK last year.  HKSF Level 2 certified after completing the ABC Dingy course last November. Grew up in Michigan on the Great Lakes and on many of the smaller sport lakes as well.  Looking to get on the water, improve my sailing experience and help out any way I can. Available on weekends and public holidays. March 2018
Jean CHAUSSE click HERE -

I am a 54 years old French man, in good shape. I have started sailing at the age of 2 with my father and I have never stopped sailing since then on various types of boats. In the 80s I have sailed intensively, including on maxi form the Whitbread (though always in training, never in racing). I France I have my own cruiser, a Chance37, and I spend most of my holidays with her sailing around Brittany.

I am available to sail on weekends on any type of boat, provided she has sails

February 2018
Daniel Lam click HERE 9729 4520 32yo British Chinese working and living in Hong Kong and looking for crew opportunities. I have some experience on big boats (Benetaus), sportsboats (Magics) and dinghys. Available for cruising or racing on the weekends. January 2018

Anders Persson

click HERE -

53 years, Swedish, retired, fit and energetic. 20 years cruising experience from Baltic, North Sea and North Atlantic, often single handed on my Hallberg-Rassy 41. Happy to crew on almost anything that sails; weekdays, weekends, day sailing or cruising Vietnam, Philippines etc.

November 2017
Daniel Yiu click HERE 6383 8406

I am Daniel,23 years old. I am a dinghy sailor (sometimes helmsman). Although I only do dinghy sailing, I believe my skills can ensure myself transferring smoothly from a dinghy sailor (sometimes helmsman) to a big boat sailor. I am currently preparing myself to pass the 2nd class boat licence which can familiar myself with the marine regulations and the machinery onboard the sailing boat.I am happy to sail on any boat. Availability: Weekend

May 2017

Ryan Kilpatrick

click HERE

5373 2586

HKSF Level 3 and Competent Crew certified ABC member from Hong Kong with experience cruising and racing aboard the J/80, Laser 2000, Laser One and Dragon. Comfortable in any role, happy to crew on any boat. Available weekends and holidays. April 2017





Alex Setchina

click HERE -

Day Skipper qualified (Solent, UK). I am Russian-Norwegian and have just moved to Hong Kong and would be keen to continue sailing. I am used to the harsher conditions of the Solent in the UK, so imagine Hong Kong to be even more enjoyable. I have done several Sunsail races (mainly in the pit or helming occasionally) in the Solent, UK; Round the Island race (isle of Wight, UK) and a couple of corporate Flotilla races. I'm resilient and easy going and would love to get involved.
Availability: most days with some prior notice

January 2017


Moritz Struwe click HERE 9519 0318

I started sailing when I was six years old with the famous Optimist dinghy and since then I passed through all the youth sailing classes until the 29er skiff. I participated in lots of German Championship races as well as in the famous Kiel Week event frequently. Furthermore, I sailed on all kinds of cruising and racing Yachts from 20 to 60 ft including our family-boat, a Swedish Omega 42. Additionally, I own the German Pleasure Craft License since six years so I am allowed to captain any kind of motorization. I would be happy to sail on any type of boat, either Dinghy or performance yachts.

I am available on weekends and my mobile number is +85295190318 for calls and 004917657602746 for Whats App. And through my email of course!

September 2016

Kevin Wang

  Attended J/80 Competent Crew Course May - June 2016 and keen to keep sailing, improve, and take on new challenges and skills.

I enjoy recreational sailing and was a member of my business school sailing team.  I have participated in regattas in Europe as part of the Global MBA sailing association (  In addition to taking the competent crew course with ABC, I try to sail when I travel, most recently in Vladivostok.  I intend to take the skipper's course this fall.  Aside from sailing, I was also a member of my universities rowing team.

July 2016
Guoji Zhu click
  Attended J/80 Competent Crew Course May - June 2016 and keen to keep sailing, improve, and take on new challenges and skills. July 2016
Wen Yu Winnie Chen click HERE   Attended J/80 Competent Crew Course May - June 2016 and keen to keep sailing, improve, and take on new challenges and skills. July 2016
Eric Severson click HERE   Attended J/80 Competent Crew Course May - June 2016 and keen to keep sailing, improve, and take on new challenges and skills. July 2016
Jamie Soo click HERE   Attended J/80 Competent Crew Course May - June 2016 and keen to keep sailing, improve, and take on new challenges and skills. July 2016

Ken Lau

Click HERE

6020 8834

HkSF Level 2 certificate. Have brief local and offshore race experience. Looking to take the RYA Competent Crew Course soon. Happy to crew on any boat.

4 July 2016
Sabrina Fan Click HERE 9128 4048

Experience: HKSF Level 2 dinghy sailing, plus sailed on a Dufour 445 yacht and overnight on a ketch boat in the UK. Will be sailing on a sloop in July. Availability: Aug - Mid September 

29 June 2016

Alistair Davidson

Click HERE 6298 9521

I am a 28 year old from the west coast of the USA. I have been sailing and racing dinghys for over 10 years. I have a little experience sailing 20-30ft boats both in England and San Francisco Bay.

I have also completed a competent crew course with the Royal Air Force on a 28' in the Solent. Other than the above I am strong and fit and ready to crew for anyone, in anything...whatever the weather.

6 May 2016
Gerald Krause Click HERE by email please

I am from Germany and presently living and working in Shanghai. I visit Hong Kong quite often and am keen to sail more.

I have sailed around 4000 nautical miles on big boats on the Baltic and North Sea as well as on the Mediterranean. These include Bavaria, Dufour, X-Yacht, Elan, Laurin Koster and X 562

At ABC I have attended a J/80 Crew Course and Sailing trip, as well as Laser 2000 and Laser 1 dinghy courses.

19 April 2016

Charles Chamblas

HERE 6745 4160

I am 28 years old, interested in volunteering for the ABC during week ends. I was a sailing coach in France for 4 years in National french schools on dinghy and catamaran. 

Also, I have a certified maximum level 4 at Les Glenans school. Occasional skipper (Course Croisiere Edhec, Odet), and multiple cruises with friends. Available for daily trips in HK, coaching, competing or just having fun!
To contact me, use whatsapp 

2 Mar 2016

Lucien Michel


6990 8194

I am a 27 year old, sailing passionate from France. Regular summer sailing and regattas on hobie 16 catamarans, lasers, 29ers.
Sailing cruise trips with family and friends, Corsica, Greece, British Virgin Islands, French Polynesia
3rd place out of 150 boats at the biggest student sailing race in Europe, the EDHEC Sailing Cup. 3rd of our category of 150 boats. On a Beneteau First 31.7
Experience on classic yachts, having raced a few consecutive years on the legendary Moonbean 4 at Saint Tropez's Les Voiles race.
Looking for competitive sailing or even trips. Competitive spirit yet fun team player. Available on weekends

24 Feb 2016

Joe Loong

HERE 6342 9987

31 years old male, with Level 3 sailing certificate from LCSD and J80 crew certificate from Royal Hong Kong Yacht. 

18 Feb 2016
Yvette Kwan HERE -

I recently refreshed my RYA Competent Crew qualifications (45'), and am working towards Skipper qualifications. Keen and enthusiastic, available mid-week and weekends. Preferably cruising.

15 Sep 2015
David Polanski HERE 8170 3669

In addition to having trained as a shipwright, I am an experienced and lifelong sailor, 43 yrs and fit, recently arrived in Hong Kong from Newport RI, USA.  Aside from cruising, I've done a fair amount of racing over the years (email for full resume) in addition to delivery work.  I'll be here for at least the next two years, am game for anything, and am eager to go the long haul, campaigning with the right skipper & boat, or just knocking around cruising.   I hold US certifications through ASA and Starpath (CelNav, Weather, etc), CPR, engine maintenance, etc, and am intent as well on now qualifying for RYA Yachmaster.   "There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."

18 Aug 2015
Frank Caruso HERE 5685 2036 8 years racing experience 42' to 56' monohulls, including on "Authority" in Hong Kong.  Jib and Spinnaker primarily.  Winning crew of more than 15 races in Hong Kong and China in IRC, including 2 time winner of the China Cup Regatta.  Living in Stanley now so can be available on short notice. 11 Jun 2015
Chuck Buckingham


9789 0260 EXPERIENCE - 35 year old Canadian.  Sailing since I was 5.  Comfortable in any role - helm / skipper / foredeck / pit -  etc - onboard dingy's or keelboats.  Extensive racing experience including: Laser racing at Canadian Olympic Regatta (CORK), Beneteau 40.7 - Rolex Fastnet Race, Trapper 500 Lake Ontario 300, Beneteau 36.7 Chicago to Mackinaw solo race, J-24 Youngstown Regatta.  Eager to race or cruise
Qualifications: Canadian Yachting Association and US Sailing certified keelboat - (basic, intermediate, bareboat and coastal navigation) instructor and race coach, US coast guard captains license, VHF license.

I would be happy to get out racing, cruising, or even volunteer to help with instructing or running race committee boat - anything that gets me out on the water.

In addition to getting set up on the crew bank, I would like to get your perspective on what type of membership to apply for given my experience and desire to be actively involved in sailing.
2 Dec 2014
Alex Schultz


5197 7637

(call or text)

25 year old passionate boater and fisherman from America with experience in Long Island, New York and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.  10+ years of boating and fishing experience on boats roughly 16 to 40 feet.  Completed a dingy sailing course and was a competiton swimmer for 10+ years.  I am available during the week and weekends for day or overnight fishing and boating trips.   

18 Nov 2014

Mark Berger


9280 6940
(Pls leave voice / txt  message)

I have done some sailing in my early years with family & more recently have completed my RYA Competent Crew & Day Skipper courses in New Zealand. Am now looking to sail closer to home & can be available for longer trips also, permanently based in Hong Kong. Am available most days by prior arrangement.

7 Oct 2014

Geaspar (Jasper) Byrne


6340 0223 Very keen to participate on some passage sails (eg HK-Hainan or Vietnam or Taiwan or Philippines, etc), either race or preferably just a journey. ABC member with lots of boating experience and have done a lot of dinghy sailing. Not much on larger yachts but am very enthusiastic to learn (even if just day trips). 34 years old. Active, practical, enthusiastic 6 Oct 2014

Peter Laczny


6715 1231 

31 year old sailor available to join the crew for sailing on regular basis, either cruising or racing. Acquired sailing qualification in HK: Day Skipper in RHYC, PVO2. About 2 years sailing experience (done quite few races "Saturday Summer Series" in Hebe Haven Yacht Club; participated in HK around the island race 2013). Very passionate and fun, fit / strong, reliable. Availability: Every weekend, major regattas, offshore races to vietnam / philippines

14 Nov 2013


If you are interested in being put in the list of crew available, please email your contact details and your description to