1. Any person who is aged over 9 years but less than 18 years and who has passed the Club’s Level 2 Beginners Dinghy Course or Optimist Stage 3 Dinghy Course may be admitted as a cadet member of the Club provided that no cadet member may remain a cadet member after his eighteenth birthday.
  2. The proposal for cadet membership shall be countersigned by the applicant’s parent or guardian or sponsor who shall be primarily responsible for all financial obligations incurred by that cadet member to the Club and who shall sign a declaration assuming responsibility for all acts of the cadet member whilst on Club premises or using the facilities of the Club and absolving the Club from all liability for accidents. The General Committee may in its discretion approved a sponsor who need not himself be a member of the Club, upon such terms including execution of such documents as it may require.
  3. A Cadet membership shall entitle such member to use the Club’s Middle Island Club house and dinghy hiring facilities only. A Cadet Member shall:-
    • Be able to hire dinghies only in accordance with the current approved hiring regulations
    • Be allowed to sign for food and drink at Middle Island only, for themselves and a maximum of two other family members. They are not allowed to sign for any alcoholic beverage, either for themselves or their accompanying parents / guardians.

      4. Cadet members shall not:-

(a)            have rights to moorings or hard-stands:       

(b)            be eligible for election to any Club Committee:

(c)            be entitled to become an absent member   

(d)            have any voting rights.

(e)            be entitled to bring guests to the club other than 2 direct family members

5. Whilst Cadet Members aged 11 and over may be unaccompanied at Middle Island, ABC strongly recommends that ALL younger children are accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian except when attending an ABC recognized course

6. The following clause applies specifically to the Aberdeen Racing Academy and any club general coaching , in any shape or form: No parent, guardian or friend of the cadet can interfere either on the water within 0.5 nautical miles or shore side with any aspect of the ABC Race Academy Coaches, cadets or training sessions. The coaching sessions are closed sessions. Only coaches and the cadet members may attend.

7. The General Committee may in its entire discretion waive the payment of an entrance fee or remove a cadet’s membership, if any of the above clauses are broken.



Cadet Membership Form